Work Related Injuries

Injuries sustained at work are eligible for physiotherapy treatments funded by the Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB).  A doctor’s referral is not required to access physiotherapy.  The injury must be reported to the employer and the appropriate forms need to be completed.

During the initial physiotherapy appointment, the physiotherapist will ask a variety of questions.  These questions allow our therapists to gather information regarding the type of injury, symptoms, current activity levels, and job demands.  The therapist will then complete a physical assessment.  This includes observations of movement such as walking, balance, specific joint movements, muscle strength, and job-specific activities.

After the initial physiotherapy assessment, the therapist will send a report to WCB.  WCB will review the report and communicate if the claim is approved.  The number of approved treatments depends on the type and severity of injury or surgery, and typically treatment is approved for a minimum of six weeks.  Our goal is to assist the client in returning to pre-injury work levels.  The therapist will discuss a treatment plan with the client and recommend the number of physiotherapy sessions that should be scheduled each week.

If you have been searching for a physical therapy clinic near me or WCB clinics in Okotoks, the team at Okotoks Physical therapy can assist with your recovery.  Our therapists have years of experience treating work-related injuries.  For more information, call our office at (403) 938-2644.