Been treated by Neil for work injuries and he has help me so much. Highly recommend him, he is amazing!
– Ashley G

My family and I have received wonderful care from Neil and his staff. Neil is very knowledgeable about so many things that help with your therapy and recovery of your injuries. He is really good with children as well. He shows wonderful patience with kids and also listens to them when they have questions and concerns about their therapy. The staff are awesome as well, they are very personable and friendly. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone!
– LeAnne K

I cannot recommend Neil and his team highly enough, 5 stars will have to do. The care I am receiving is top notch… The clinics eclectic philosophy is demonstrated with each visit and the results using a combination of traditional and complimentary therapies are evident as we see the improvement with even the most complex of injuries.
– Sam B

Neil and the staff at this clinic are all excellent, friendly and efficient. Neil helped me through post knee surgery and had my knee flex to 130 degrees, and doing stairs normally at six weeks. The knee clinic wants this by 3 months, so he had me well ahead. I ended up with tendonitis by trying to do more than i should, and Neil assisted with that as well. Overall an excellent clinic, i will go back if the need arises.
– Bob W

Neil Hergott runs an Up to date… Efficient & Caring Practice. ..Where Healing is Second Nature!
– Theresa A

After fracturing my wrist I needed physio to get my strength back and opted for Okotoks Physical Therapy. Both Kylie and Neil were great with getting my wrist working properly again. All the staff there are very friendly and nice.
– Wanda D

To Okotoks Physiotherapy,

Thank you for “being” whom you each are! Your kindnesses, positive attitude, cheerfulness, and humour encouraged and enabled me to feel at ease and confident at each of my therapy sessions.

You are a fine group of people who are dedicated to each other and to every person/patient who walks through the
door. The respect shown for every patient, family caregivers and colleagues is reassuring, exemplary, and brilliant.

Neil, thank you for your skills, dedication, sense of humour, and for using a variety of strategies that helped me to understand that my recovery was/is, a team effort. You lead by example Neil, and you empowered me to work harder to
improve my strength, needs, confidence, and flexibility. You are dedicated to the well being of each of your patients and
family members. Humour also helped me when I could not figure out which foot stepped up or down first or last??

Thank You Neil Hergott, Thank you Okotoks Physiotherapy.

– Lori H

Thanks to Neil and the team at Okotoks Physical Therapy

Hi everyone, just want to express my thanks, especially to Neil, for the treatment I received for my back issue and sciatica. The treatment and exercises I received were very helpful. Now I have very little pain, almost none, and am just working on my leg weakness. I found the cobra pose particularly helpful with the sciatica, and I figured out that if I regularly did that pose throughout the day I would have no pain. I am now back at work and looking forward to getting back to my usual activities.

Thanks again

– Leslie Z